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U. S. Accoutrements - Bayonet Scabbards, Gun Slings and Canteen Straps

The Great “Gaylord Bayonet Scabbard” Error

Sketch from Gaylord's patent application

“I need a Gaylord Bayonet Scabbard” is a typical request we receive. Many years ago a patent sketch was published depicting the “Gaylord Bayonet Scabbard.” Essentially the line drawing was a U. S. issue bayonet scabbard used to illustrate  United States Patent Number 28269. The scabbard itself was not what Emerson Gaylord held a patent for.  By United States Patent Number 28269 of May 1860 Gaylord secured the rights to his process of stiffening the bayonet scabbard through a system of heat and pressure.


Scientific American May 26, 1860

United States Patent Number 28269 to Emerson Gaylord, of Chicopee, Massachusetts, for an improvement in the Manufacture of bayonet scabbards.


“I claim a bayonet scabbard shaped and finished by the application of moisture, heat, saturation and pressure, for the purpose of giving it form rigidity and a highly polished surface, and making it impervious to water as set forth.”

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Will we custom fit your scabbard to your blade? Yes.

If you want us to custom fit a scabbard to your bayonet we will do so. Fill out the order form and send your bayonet blade and add an extra $20.00 to cover fitting and return shipping of the bayonet to your order.

Remember it will be necessary for us to keep your blade for a while.

We will get your equipment  back to you as soon as possible.


Can we do anything to help if you order a bayonet scabbard based on the blade type and your repro isn’t exactly like the original resulting in a fitting problem?  Yes.

We do not refund on accoutrements but we will be happy to custom fit your blade to your unused scabbard. It must be returned in new condition and within 10 days of the postmark on your box.

Send in your bayonet scabbard and bayonet blade along with $25.00 to cover fitting, insurance and return shipping .


Remember it will be necessary for us to keep your blade for a while. We will get your equipment  back to you as soon as possible. Be sure and carefully pack your blade before shipping. We suggest you place a rubber ball, such as a tennis ball, on the tip of your bayonet or other padding and wrap or tape it in place. Use plenty of packing material to guard your blade.  Let’s not chance harming your blade or someone along the way.


We will insure all returning packages for $100.00  If your blade is worth more than $55.00 contact us before sending your blade to purchase more insurance.Any items shipped to us for custom fitting without return shipping will be sold in 30 days for balance due for services. We regret having to take this action but others have left us storing their equipment for months.

Bayonet Scabbards
You must tell us your blade type, year model,
and whether it is a reproduction or an original.
Some reproductions vary so much from the
original that the only similarity is that they
fit on the muzzle of the musket.  
All ferrules and tips are hand made here in
our shop of the correct weight sheet brass
and are correctly attached to the scabbard
with brass pins.


Bayonet Scabbard- Early War 2 Rivit
Early war 2 rivit style with bridle leather belt
loop and throat. Brass ferrules and tips hand
made in our shop of the correct weight sheet brass.
      EWBS/2R------$45.00 Postage paid*
                   to lower 48 United States
             Shipped via U S Priority Mail


Bayonet Scabbard-1863
                       7 Rivit Style
1863 Scabbard with 7 rivit loop and throat.
Brass ferrules & tips hand made in our shop
in the correct weight sheet brass

            BS-7RIV--------$45.00 Postage paid*
                        to lower 48 United States
                   Shipped via U S Priority Mail


Gun Sling
U. S. Arms Gun Sling
46 inch long gun sling for U.S. arms.  
Russet leather with brass hook.
               USGUN----20.00 Postage paid*
                     to lower 48 United States
               Shipped via U S Priority Mail
Canteen Strap
U. S. Canteen Strap
Russet  leather strap with 5/8 wire roller
buckle, keeper and trapezoidal safe.
       USCAN------------$15.00 Postage paid*
                       to lower 48 United States
                 Shipped via U S Priority Mail

U. S. Canteen Strap

Close up of Canteen Strap
Close ups of the frog and hand made
tips on our scabbards.
Bayonet Scabbard-Early War 2 Rivit
Bayonet Scabbard- 1863 7 Rivit Style
 U.S. Arms Gun Sling
Close up View of Gun Sling

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