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How To Contact Us

Pay by credit card or debit card via PayPal

Contact Information

You may reach us by Telephone at 417-451-6100


The fastest way to reach us is by e-mail.

Customer Service:

Robert Serio:


We check our e-mail daily and as often as we can each day. This way if we are busy in the shop and can not break loose to answer the phone or we are on the phone talking to another customer you won't have to wait to for us to finish to make contact. We do ask you to keep your questions brief and to the point.

If you wish to check on an order give us the following information.

1) Your name and address

2) At least a general idea of what you ordered.



Frequently Asked Questions


1) How can I place my order?

You may use our MAIL IN ORDER FORM to order any item or you may  place your order completely over the internet unless you are ordering footwear. Simply fill in the ONLINE ORDER FORM following all instructions and providing all requested information. For footwear orders you must fill out the mail in order form, attach your tracings and mail to us. (See Payment Options Below)


2) How can I pay for my order?

You may pay using any of the methods listed below. For complete information read our Order Forms and Instructions Page.

   1-Online Ordering Option Using PayPal

   2-Mail in Option using Money Order or Cashier’s Check 

   3-Mail in Option using PayPal


3) Where do you get your items from to sell?


We make what we sale right here in our shop in Neosho, Missouri.

We do not purchase cheap overseas items and try to pass them off to you as hand-made American goods as some sutlers do.


We use only top quality materials. Our leather is tanned to our specifications by

various tanneries. We buy the best leather for the type of product we plan to make from the best tannery for that type of leather.  We will never sacrifice quality to save a few bucks to try and offer the lowest priced item for sale. We do not use junk and we will not make junk and try to pass it off to you to use. It is just that simple.


4) How do I know what I purchase is historically correct?


Over many years we have strived to constantly improve our products by

collecting as many original examples, patterns, tools and specifications for our reproduction Civil War era products as possible. We are constantly researching period documentations and viewing original items. 


We are pleased to share with you photos of some of our some of our original boot and shoe patterns as well as tools and footwear last. You can see these items on our website in Historically Correct Footwear 


If you want higly detailed historic information we will be happy to provide you with it for a fee. Check with us for cost. 


5) Can I just ask for a size and not bother with all the measuring and tracing you ask your customers to provide to place a footwear order? Wouldn’t they fit well enough? After all I have things I'd rather be doing.


No, we need your tracing, measurements and modern day shoe size to properly fit you to one of our reproduction period. Only by doing this can we make you a pair of properly fitting boots or shoes. If you want ill fitting junk there are plenty out there willing to accommodate you. We want to provide to our customers historically correct, well fitting and well-made footwear. We will not take short cuts!


6) Can you ship anything I see on your site out the next day?


No, not unless it clearly says "Ships Next Day After Order Is Received" in the description. We can ship out footwear care products ordered without any other items usually within two days.


But to offer the large variety of items we do and to give you the best fit in footwear we make up your items after we receive your order.  We make what we sale right here in our shop in Neosho, MO. We do not buy cheap overseas junk and stock it to drop out when we get an order.  If you want quality leather goods and excellent fitting footwear you must give us time to hand-make them for you.


7) I would like to have something I do not see on your site is there any chance you would make it for me?


Possible. You need to e-mail or mail us as much information as you can on what you would like. We need good photos or sketches, any specifications and dimensions that apply and any documentation you may have on the item.  We will take a look at it and if we feel we can make it for you we will give you a price quote and approximate delivery time.


8) Can I pay extra and get my order moved up to the top of the list?


No, We feel each and every customer is equally important. We take the orders in the sequence they arrive.  The 15 year old bag boy at the corner market who worked all summer to buy his Civil War gear is just as important to us as the CEO who can easily buy his way to the front of the line. We just don’t think it’s fair so we won’t do it. Don’t ask.


9) What if I have an event I would really like to have the items I am ordering arrive in time for, can I do anything to improve my chances of this happening?


Yes, first of all order well in advance of the event. Don’t’ wait till the last minute we have a heavy workload of orders and it takes time to get to everyone.


Make sure you follow with great care all the instructions for measuring your feet, fill out your order form carefully, neatly and in full. PRINT, don’t scribble information we can't read and will have to contact you about.


Give us your phone number(s) and e-mail address so we can contact you quickly if we have questions.  Don’t call us daily to check on your order, see question 10 below.


Finally clearly print at the top of your order form in red ink (or highlight) and give the date of the event you plan to attend and the last day you will be home to get your package. We will do all in our power to get your stuff to you on time.  But remember we have no control over your package once it leaves our hands at the post office it will require a signature to receive. If you will not be home during the day or you can not go to the post office to pick it up after they leave a notice you may wish to have your package sent to work or friends house.


10) How can I see if you have received my order?


You may contact us by e-mail or phone.  If you e-mail us give your full name, address and a general description of what you have ordered.  Allow 3-5 days for a first class letter (37cent stamp) to arrive BEFORE contacting us.


11) Can I check to see how far along my order is in your system so I can estimate when I will be getting my stuff? 

We can’t stop you from checking every five minutes but keep in mind the more  e-mail and phone calls we answer the less work gets done in the shop.  But see question 11 below before you get too stressed out.


12) How will I know if you sent my package yet?


When you clearly print or type your e-mail we can send you a notice that your package shipped along with your delivery confirmation number. The e-mail will be from the United States Postal Service informing you a package has been sent to you by our company and with a delivery confirmation number. This will allow you to track your package by calling 1-800-222-1811 or accessing the postal service website Call or log on and

enter the delivery confirmation number to track your package.


13) Why can’t I just tell you I will take full responsibility and you just ship my package uninsured?  After all I have never lost anything in the mail, why buy insurance.


To protect you and ourselves in the event your package is lost or damaged in the mail you must insure it. We make no exceptions.  This way if your package should be lost or damaged in the mail you are covered financially.


Order Form and Instructions

Historically Correct Footwear

How to Measure Your Feet

Refund, Exchange and Shipping Policy


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