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Check List
Check List-Before Mailing Your Order Did You..........

[  ] Read  and follow instructions. This will avoid
     delay while we have you correct your mistakes.
[  ] Read our Refund, Exchange & Shipping
      Policy. Sorry no exceptions are made.
[  ] Attach your foot tracings and record your
      circumference measurements when
      placing footwear orders.

Completely fill out your order form.........
 [  ] Provide the ship to address for your order. 
       (We can ship to Post Office Box Address)
 [  ] Give your age, height and weight.
 [  ] Give your modern day shoe size for  any
       footwear orders. Example 8 1/2 EE
[ ] Provide waist measurement over
      your coat for all belts.
[  ] Specify the product style number and any
      color, blade type and caliber needed.
[  ] Double Check your math to avoid delay
      waiting for balance due to be sent in.
[  ] Correctly figure amount of insurance  and
      insurance to send. Remember we do not
      ship any package uninsured.

Are you a resident of the State of Missouri?
[  ] If you live in Missouri or we ship to a Missouri
      address you must add 5.1% State Sales Tax
      to your order. We will not ship orders with tax
      due. Sorry! We are required by law to collect
      this tax, please don't ask us to break the law.

If you live outside the lower forty-eight
United States of America or overseas.
 [  ] Contact us about the shipping cost for
       your order so you may prepay. Sorry we
       only pay postage to the lower 48
       United States of America.
[  ] We will fill out all required customs forms and
      correctly label and value items. Please don't
      ask us to break the law so you can avoid   any
      taxes or custom fees.
[  ] If you live outside the United States remember all
     purchases must be paid in U S Dollars only. Your
     local bank can help you choose the  right banking
     instrument to send. We too will be happy to make

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