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The Elegant Men's Balmoral
                   Our Newest Civilian Footwear Offering


Regular Price $250.00
Order Now And Save $25.00
Men's High Top Balmoral
Copied from an original excavated specimen, our high topped Balmoral shoe epitomizes the elegance of the 19th century gentleman. 
Made from  light, waxed upper leather (3-4 ounce weight or approximately 1.20 mm thick) with pegged half double soles and nailed heels.  Brass eyelets are reinforced by a strip of red kidskin sewn to the interior.  A welted rear seam aids in a form fit to the back of the leg.  The  upper leather is hand finished and wax stuffed in our shop.  
They are built on copies of original lasts in our private collection that were reproduced, under contract, exclusively for Missouri Boot and Shoe Company. Like all of our footwear they are carefully patterned from original specimens and period patterns and artwork. Waxed cord laces included.
The Price Includes many features, some of which others charge extra for

  • Hand Applied Period Finish----NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Soles Finished As Per Originals----NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Wide Widths and Larger Sizes-------NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Each Pair Custom Made Specifically For The Buyer---NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • U. S. Priority Mail Postage----NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Pair Of Quality Laces ----NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Customer Support Service Before and After Purchase­----NO EXTRA CHARGE

CIVBAL----------$250.00 Postage Paid*

INTRODUCTORY PRICE $225.00 if you order in April or May

SAVE $25.00

to lower 48 United States

Shipped via U S Priority Mail

*FREE U. S. Priority Mail Postage


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