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Order Form and Instructions


Order Forms Are Located Below Instructions For Your Convenience.

Effective January 19, 2016 at 12 am EST 

Due to continued multiple increases in postal shipping rates We Can No Longer Offer Free US Priority Mail Postage. We will have our new shipping rates posted this week. Until that time you may either go ahead and send in your tracings, measurements and order form for footwear or any item sent by mail or your on line order and we can add in the postage for you later this week thus not delaying you getting in line to get your custom made items. You may also hold your order and check back later this week when we have the rates available.

We regret any inconvenience or confusion this may cause and are working quickly to figure new rates that will be as fair as possible to all customers. Remember we have no control over the postal service's many rate hikes. We deeply regret we can no longer offer free postage to our valued customers. Rather then rush to post new rates we want to take a day or two and develop a rate chart that is fair to all our customers. 

To Order You May-
  • Call In Your Order if using PayPal or Credit Card
  • Use On Line Order Form if using PayPal providing us with PayPal E-mail address so we may send your invoice to so you may pay using PayPal.
  • Print Off A Copy of Mail In Order Form. Mail in with Money Order, Cashiers Check or Pre-Approved Purchase Order. Sorry No Personal Checks.  Your May also use PayPal or Credit Card. When Using PayPal provide us with your PayPal E-mail address so we may send your PayPal Invoice to so you may pay

For Credit Card Payment

                       We will Need

  • Type of Card
  • Card Number
  • Code Off Back Of Card
  • Expiration Date
  • Card Billing Zip Code (Zip Code your credit card bill is sent to.)

Getting Started

Ordering On This Website Is A Bit Different For Those Using PayPal or Credit Cards. We do not use shopping carts. No Shopping Cart, Why?

With the exception of a few items everything we make is custom made to order and this requires time. We do not keep items in stock to fill orders from but custom make your items especially for you. We do not want you to think if you drop it in your cart it will be in the mail come morning. So we use a more conventional method of taking your order.

      Four Simple Steps To Follow To Place Your Order
STEP 1 - Choosing Which Order Form To Use
MAIL IN ORDER FORM  If placing a FOOTWEAR order you must use the mail in order form. We need you to send your tracings attached to that form. Sorry but it will not scan and send without risk of some size distortion and in making custom made footwear even a little is too much. You may also use it to order other items.


If ordering ANY ITEMS BUT FOOTWEAR you may use either form


STEP 2 - Fill Out Form Carefully

Fill out the Order Form very carefully. Provide us with any Caliber, Blade Style, Color, Maker's Mark or other information required for items being ordered. For BELTS you must provide us with your waist size OVER your jacket.


Remember, failure to follow instructions and provide required information will needlessly delay your order. We custom make the products to FIT the information YOU PROVIDE us. The more attention to detail you take when gathering the necessary information we request the better fitting your final product will be.


STEP 3 - Check Over Your Form Carefully

Check over your order form carefully before submiting it. If you have any questions remember you may contact us anytime. 


We do not do Rush Orders. Don't ask.  Orders are made up in the order received and we do not advance anyone ahead of others in line simply because they can pay more. All our customers are equal and important to us.


STEP 4 - BEFORE Placing Your Order

Read over our Refund, Exchange, Shipping and Guarantee Policy at the Bottom of this page. When you place an order with us you are agreeing to these terms and policies.

Choosing Order Form To Use When Placing Order
Order forms are shown below. Just click on the one you need to place your order. Again make sure you read and follow all instuctions and have read our Refund, Exchange, Shipping and Guarantee Policy at bottom of this page.

Postage/Insurance/Handling/Fees Rate Chart


Always When Ordering....
Optional When Ordering
All Other Items

With This Order Form You May Pay Using
  • Visa Or Master Card Credit or Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Money Order
  • Cashier's Check
  • Sorry No Personal Checks
  • Purchase Orders (upon approval)

Printable  Check List Some May Find Helpful In Placing Their Order

Postage/Insurance/Handling/Fees Rate Chart



You may use this form for Anything But Footwear
or you may use the MAIL IN form at left for all
items if you prefer or if you need to send physical
forms of payment such as a money order.


With This Order Form You May Pay Using
  • PayPal

PLEASE NOTE  If you opt for the PayPal Option on either type of Order Form DO NOT SEND PAYMENT BY PAYPAL until we invoice you first. You will need to provide us with your e-mail address you use with your PayPal account in the space provided on the order form. This will help insure proper credit for your payment. See Order Forms for more details.

Refund, Exchange, Shipping and Guarantee Policy

Delivery Time For Your Custom Made Order

We custom make to order all footwear, accoutrements, knapsacks, haversacks, belts and other gear we sell right here in our shop in Neosho.

We start each item AFTER you commission us to make your custom made item(s) for you. So please remember, Custom Made items take time to create. But the resulting products are far superior to the mass produced products that ship immediately. If you have a deadline you must have your equipment by or other time restrants contact us to see what our current production time is running. We will do our best to give you an accurate estimate of how long you are looking at waiting before your new custom made item(s) can ship out to you.


Refund, Exchange and Shipping Policy

Read ALL Instructions and Policy Statements on this page BEFORE Placing Your Order. AFTER reading our Refund, Exchange and Shipping Policy then fill out the correct order form you need to place your order by consulting the information at the top of this page. You may wish to print a copy of our policy off for future reference.



We have no control over how you use or care for any product you purchase. Therefore we do not guarantee how long an item will serve you. You must exercise good sense in how you use and

care for your product for maximum service.


Refund and Exchangees

Sorry no refunds or exchanges.


No cancelation after payment is made.  However in very rare cases where extenuating circumstances exist we will OK a cancelation but there is a 15% restocking fee.


Be sure you want to purchase the item(s) before placing the order. Feverous orders delay other customers orders and cost us time and materials running up prices. While a no refund policy may seem harsh it was brought on by customers placing large orders and then after

we cut parts and committed material and time to the order canceling before paying. Others attempted to returned used goods. This resulted in those in line below them having to unfairly wait longer and we do not feel this is fair to our customers who place their orders in good faith, pay promptly and wait patiently for their orders.


But What If My Footwear Doesn't Fit?

We make the footwear to fit the measurements you provide. You must provide us with accurate measurements and tracings if you want your footwear to fit you. We sell footwear world wide and our record of making well fitting footwear speaks for itself by the number of happy customers, repeat customers and the many recommendations given for our products.


Need Help?

If you need help or have questions before sending in your information just contact us. We will be happy to walk you through the process. But in the end you must read and follow instructions if you want your footwear to fit you.


Style or Model Correctness

We are not responsible for you obtaining the correct style or model

used by your unit. If in doubt check with your unit before placing order.



We ship all items via U. S. Priority Mail which is normally 2-3 day service. 

However, if your package is delayed we have no control over the

United States Postal Service. 


You will get an e-mail notice when your package ships out with the ship date and your delivery tracking code off your shipping label so you may track your inbound package. It may take time for the information to post to the U S Postal Service website. We have no control over this.


Lost or Damaged Packages: In the event your package does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time we will be happy to assist you in attempting to track the package. If the package arrives with contents damaged or is totally lost we will be happy to help you make a claim on your postal insurance. But you must file the claim for the loss with the post office. You may do this on the U S Postal website in most cases to save time over having to go to your local post office.


What is the Insurance and Handling Fee?

We Pay the U S Priority Mail Postage. The customer pays for insurance and handling. The insurance and handling fee covers the cost of postal insurance plus the handling cost associated with preparing, packing, labeling and material cost associated with shipping a package.


The insurance and handling fee is based on the total value of the order rather then one flat fee keeping it as fair as possible for all customers.


Do You Do Repair Work and Adjustments?

Yes, we will happily make small adjustments and simple repairs  (We determine what is small and what is simple.) at no cost to the customer. Major repairs, new soles and other repairs and adjustments

is at the customers expense. All Shipping cost are to be paid by the customer. Call for current prices before shipping.


Return Shipping Cost on Repair and Adjustments

Customer pays postage, insurane and handling both ways.

Do Not Ship Repairs Until You Contact us for current cost.


Contact us Before Shipping and Do Not Ship anything without at least enclosing $20.00 to cover return shipping and insurance. Any Packages sent without return shipping and left here over a week is subject to being disposed of at our discretion. We are not responsible for packages that come in without return shipping.


Customer are responsible for paying shipping both ways on any item(s) sent to us for any reason. We are not responsible for lose or damage to any item you ship to us and we highly suggest you insure any item you ship. 


Failure to do so is at your risk not ours.  We will not ship any

items to you uninsured. Be sure and add insurance/handling to

cover the value of your item. See Chart On Order Form.


However, the minimum amount of insurance is $100.00.  All returns also have delivery tracking and confirmation placed on them by us at no extra charge for your protection and peace of mind.


IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS-Feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or mail and we will be more then happy to assist you. Our contact information is on all order forms and on all our webpages at the bottom of the page.


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