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Compare Original Bootees and Our Bootees

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Now Let's Make Some Comparisons.........

First Let's Compare The Profile Of An Example Of Original Footwear
 The Profile Of Our Reproduction On Right
Then To The Profile Of A "Sutler Row" Reproduction on Left
Which One Looks Like The Original?


Which reproduction footwear do you want to wear?

Profile Of An Original Jefferson Bootee or Brogan
Profile of A "Sutler Row" Reproduction
Profile Of Our Reproduction Jeffeson Bootee or Brogan
Next Let's Compare The Sole Shape Of An Example Of Original Footwear
 The Sole Shape Of Our Reproduction On Right
Then To The Sole Shape Of A "Sutler Row" Reproduction on Left
Which Sole Shape Looks Like The Original?


Which reproduction sole shape do you want on your footwear?

Sole of an Original Civil War Era Boot showing shape
"Sutler Row" Reproduction Sole Showing Shape
Our Reproduction Footwear Showing Sole Shape. (shown here with optional heel rim)
Our high quality reproduction footwear is built on copies of original lasts* in our private collection. These unused dated pattern lasts were reproduced, under contract, exclusively for Missouri Boot and Shoe Company by a major United States last manufacturer.

The uppers of our footwear are patterned form original specimens, original patterns, government specifications and, occasionaly, period artwork and photographs.
We have in our private collection a number of pieces of original footwear, and a complete set of original, proportional sliding boot makers patterns patented in 1863.
Missouri Boot and Shoe Company is dedicated to providing its customers with highly detailed, museum quality reproductions of original footwear.
To learn more of our orginal tools and patterns, our study collection of original items and about our extensive research go to our home page and click on-Learn More About Our Historical Accuracy
 *Lasts-The varied size forms that shoes and boots are shaped on.

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