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Historically Correct Boots

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Why Our Boots Are The Most Historically
                 Correct On The Market Today?

By combining over 30 years of experience in hand boot making with intensive research, maintaining a large study collection of original footwear, patterns, tools, period specifications  and using only top quality materials  Missouri Boot & Shoe Company is able to produce the most historically correct reproduction boots on the market.


We are please to share with you photos of some of our original tools and patterns.

Our 16x18 Inch CVB-2 Boot
With the assistance of these original brass adjustable boot and vamp patterns dated 1863 we are able to produce truly authentic historically correct boots.
Original Pattern Lasts

These original pattern lasts were reproduced, under contract, exclusively for Missouri Boot and Shoe Company by a major United States last manufacturer. In the close up at left the year 1862 can be seen stamped to the wood of the original pattern last.


Last not only allow for correct sizing of footwear but give the shoe or boot it's unique shape and style. Since we build our footwer on exact copies of Civil War era last we can produce authentic styled footware. Modified, modern day, lasts often used by "sutler row" can not provide the same results.

. H. Smith Pegging Jack 

We also have a rare original G. H. Smith Pegging Jack patent dated Sept. 8-1863. Just another example of the attention we give to finding the right tools for the job in our quest to make the finest reproduction footwear available anywhere on the market today.


In the close up photograph on the right you can clearly read the raised letters on top of the jack.




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